Configuration Reference

In this document we list the Sclera's configuration parameters, specified in <sclera-root>/config/sclera.conf, where <sclera-root> is the directory where Sclera is installed.

The syntax of the file should be self-evident. For a detailed description of the underlying HOCON (Human-Optimized Config Object Notation) syntax, please refer to the specification document.

Parameter Description
sclera.exec.batchsize Number of rows to batch together for bulk input/output (default 100).
sclera.location.datacache Location for cache data/intermediate results
sclera.location.default Location to be used when explicit location is not specified
sclera.location.schema.database Database in the schema DBMS for storing the data schema
sclera.location.schema.dbms DBMS for storing the data schema
sclera.location.temporary Location for storing temporary data
sclera.service.assetdir Directory for storing component assets
sclera.service.default.mlservice Default machine learning service
sclera.service.default.nlpservice Default natural language processing service Default value for explain (true = on, or false = off) File for storing Sclera shell history Shell prompt Directory for storing datafiles for embedded H2 Directory for storing Sclera objects