Analytics Building Blocks

Sclera's scripting language, ScleraSQL, provides building blocks that help express complex analytics tasks in tens of lines instead of hundreds

Data Access

ScleraSQL tables virtualize data from web services, CSV/text files, relational/NoSQL stores

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Data Cleaning

ScleraSQL includes operators for missing data imputation, text parsing, entity extraction

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Data Wrangling

ScleraSQL supports a large subset of standard SQL operators alongside custom extensions

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Machine Learning

ScleraSQL includes operators and intuitive language constructs for classification and clustering

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Pattern Matching

ScleraSQL includes operators for sophisticated pattern-matching and analytics across rows

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Data Visualization

ScleraSQL supports Grammar of Graphics for interactive visualizations, rendered using D3

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Sclera Visualization Examples

Access, clean, wrangle, analyze and visualize your data — all in about ten lines of code

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